Sunday, December 9, 2018

December? Already?

It's been a while.
Almost a year to be more accurate.

This year has been...


it's been a year.

But more about that later...

I plan to try and catch the blog up before heading back to Guatemala in February. I have the privilege of leading the trip again and look forward to visiting a place I have come to love.

(If you want to support the trip, you can do so until tomorrow 12/10 here.)

However, just in case I don't actually blog after today, here is a list of the things I would like to blog about if the muse arrives:
  • A year in review
  • Books I have been reading
  • Home-ownership so far
  • Dog-ownership so far (but maybe the dog really owns me)
  • Roommates: how to find and keep them 
  • Traveling and the goal to better utilize my time off this year
  • Trip West (NV, AZ, UT)
  • Frontier Airlines now available: GSP to DEN
  • Hawaii!!!
  • California Cousins and Yosemite
  • 50 by 40 - only 11 to go!
  • Whole 30 (and how I have basically forgotten all about it during Christmas season)
  • FiA and C25k (or an attempt to get back into the shape I was once in or at least be able to run a mile again)
  • Death of a grandparent and how cousins are the best thing
  • Mental health 
  • Church, faith, and finding something that was always there but may look different
  • Dating apps (probably won't actually write this one...but I tried them and it was basically terrible. So if you know any reasonable single men between the ages of 30 and 42 I'd take a blind date setup by a trusted friend over a pool of strangers on the internet every time)
  • Work, work, work, work, work (New job title, I love my job, coworkers as friends, and goodness we worked a lot this year)
In case I don't blog again before Guatemala, that's a basic run down about what I have been up to this year. I hope the words start to flow because I like when writing is an outlet for me and I know there are at least 4 people who like to read this blog (mom, aunt Kris, Alex, and Spesh this is mostly for you 😊)

But for today, it is one of our rare snow days in Greenville and a good time to make use of time at home that would have been spent doing other things. Until the muse hits...

From travels this year.

Cousins and being an aunt.

The many faces of Max Patch.

We shall see what travels next year brings!


  1. Love this! Now you have a wonderful outline to blog. May I a muse you and inspire you to write more!!! :)

  2. Oh, yes, more blogs, I say! I agree with Penny: a list is a cool thing. (Not a surprise that I like lists, I know!)

  3. I finally got to read your one and only post!! I won't hold my breath on the other ones :P