Sunday, January 15, 2017

Guatemala: Sunday Recap!

Today we headed out of Antigua bright and early to make our way to Tecpan with a slight detour to Lake Atitlan.

We were able to cross the lake by boat (the faster way to travel) and explore the hometown of our field coordinator, Fredy. He was able to take us through the town and to a weaving cooperative. The weaving cooperative was fantastic. They also roasted coffee! 

We had lunch at a local restaurant and got to know more about Guatemala and our team. We then did some shopping in the small community. It was great to support the artists and their means of living. 

We headed back across the lake to then travel back to Tecpan to arrive at our home for the week. 

The internet isn't super, but I finally found a spot to get some typing in. 

We had a meeting where we met the local affiliate staff and our family partner. It is great to learn about the work they do and the family we will be working with. 

Some things we learned in our meeting:
- The Central Guatemala affiliate works with 2 of the 22 departments (states-ish) in Guatemala
- They started as an affiliated in 2003
- Since 2003 they have built 2,000 new homes and installed 4,000 latrines and smokeless stoves
- Habitat Guatemala began in 1979 because of the devastation of an earthquake in 1976 
- Habitat Guatemala has helped 85,000 families since 1979
- Only 4% of the work is done by Global Village teams and they receive 72 teams a year
- Our family partner works away from her family in Guatemala City from Monday-Saturday
- The home will be 8 family members living together: a mom and 3 children, her sister and 2 children, and their brother

The meeting was followed by another delicious meal and a meeting to go over the plan for tomorrow. 

Eight members of our team will work on the first stage of the house and four will go to install a smokeless stove. 

No photos for tonight! Hopefully tomorrow : ) 

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like a great opportunity to help. Blessings on all the team.